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    Location Verification

    Verify the location of your employees by sending Location Verification requests. Each employee will receive a notification created just for them that is both safe and easy to use. Your employees will be able to share their current location with you in real time. The Location History Dashboard allows you to visualize location data on an interactive map, keep track of all location history, both past and present!

    Ease of Use

    Our location verification tool is integrated into every tool in our system. This allows you to seamlessly send out verification requests using our schedules, recurring messages, campaigns, and location targeting just to name a few!

    Use location targeting to send messages to a specific location. Location targeting allows you to select an area and send notifications to all recipients who have recently verified their locations. A great tool to use during times of emergency or cold starts.

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    Compliance Tracking

    Tired of attaching documents to checks and not knowing if your employee has bothered to read them? We've all been there! Our compliance tools allow you to send out documents, polls, images, etc. to get your message across. Our tools make it easy to know if your employee has viewed the document, took any action, or did not even bother to open the link at all. Below are some of our compliance features that allow you get your message across!
    Pages allows you to communicate large messages with a customizable page that is both cost effective and we believe will relay messages in a better and more robust way. You can display images, documents, videos, create tables, and create a new Page all through a simple to use interface.
    Attachment Tracking allows you to attach any document or image to your text notifications. Upon receiving the message, your employee will be able to click on a link to view the attachment and act accordingly.
    Polls allow you to send a questionnaire to any recipients. These simple polls are great for client/employee satisfaction and could contain multiple choices and short answer responses. Upon receiving the message recipients can answer the poll and submit their feedback!

    All of these tools allow you to generate reports to see who opened the link and who did not. Each attachment, page, or poll created gets sent via our unique link system designed with security and ease of use in mind! Click the button below to see some examples of our tools in action!

    Employee Portal

    We know that employee portals can sometimes be cumbersome, tedious to set up, and rely too heavily on access control so we built an employee portal that does all the work for you. Using our simple access control, you are able to allow employees to sign into their employee portal using just their phone numbers! Once signed in, your employee can see all the sites they are assigned to, submit reports, complete patrols, and more! This allows your employees to do what they need without having to search for any passwords or contact your staff! Here are a few of the many features that make our Employee Portal unique:
    Reporting is a key aspect for any security company. The ability for an employee to submit an incident, daily, and activity report is a way to keep your clients happy and your sites secure! Our simple reporting feature allows employees to follow an online form and submit their reports for any site without any other unnecessary actions.
    Patrols allow you to give your client peace of mind knowing that their site is secure. Our simple patrol system allows for any mobile phone to start a patrol around a site. This reduces reliance on company phones and gives the power to your employee to do what needs to be done without having to rely on any other devices!
    Custom Integrations. Our custom integrations allow you to customize the employee portal as you see fit. Need to add more reports to your employee portals or allow your employees to see their schedules? We can do that for you using our customization service!

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    Other Insta Notified™ Features

    Few of the many key features that makes Insta Notified™ different.

    Attachment Tracking

    Attachment Tracking

    Need to send a PDF about new HR changes, need an employee to confirm compliance, or acknowledge an attachment? Send an attachment tracking bulk notification to ensure that all your employees open and read all your attachments!

    Facial Recognition

    Facial Recognition

    Use our smart facial recognition software to lock location verifications behind a facial analysis. Every employee must register their face in order to successfully verify their location. This creates better confidence so you know exactly who is clocking in at your sites!

    Site Schedules

    Site Schedules

    You can use our smart site scheduling software to create schedules for your employees/guards. These schedules will allow you send out periodic location verifications, notifications, and much more. You can also import your WinTeam Schedules into our site scheduling system to make it much more efficient and automated!

    Notification Templates

    Notification Templates

    Seamlessly create custom and personal message templates that allow for fast and easy on-the-go notification sending. No more having to type the same messages over and over. Once created, it can be used for any notification!

    Employee List


    An innovative employee list that allows you to group employees, create dynamic groups for certain licenses or schedule, and much more!

    Mass Notifications

    Mass Notifications

    Send thousands of notifications at once to get the message across! Upload spreadsheets with phone numbers or create an address book and we will do the rest! Send text, voice/phone messages, and email notifications!


    Two-Way Communication

    Two way notifications allows you to send, receive, and view text/voice notifications at anytime.

    Schedule Notification

    Schedule Notifications

    Use our smart message scheduling, recurring message tool, or site scheduling tool to seamlessly send out future notifications. You can use this tool to send out periodic location requests for overnight shifts or send out compliance on a certain date!

    Patrol System


    Use our patrol system to create security check points. Have your employees run patrols on any device at anytime. View their patrol path and more.

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    Brosnan Risk Consultants


    We had recently noticed some of our guards leaving their overnight posts and were not able to accurately conclude their location. Using Insta Notified we were not only able to send them hourly text messages requesting their location, but we were also able to provide these reports to our client for proof of service! Insta Notified continues to impress us and always introduces better ways to communicate and manage our workforce!


    United American Security


    One weekend we needed 100 security officers for a major event in the city. We asked Insta Notified to upload a list of 3000 employees for us so we can blast text message asking our employees to assist to cover open shifts. Within hours, we were able to cover all open posts.

    Thank you Insta Notified for "saving the day" and for helping our operations team. Staffing a major event with surplus of personnel and being able to run it successfully, impressed our client and left them totally satisfied with our service.




    Using Insta Notified we were able to recognize, assess, and solve a huge issue with our cold starts and open shifts. We are now able to fill open shifts in minutes using a smart integration that Insta Notified™ help us build allowing our employees to see open shifts and letting them assign themselves! This has helped us not only save money but managerial hours! Thank you Insta Notified for helping us make physical security smarter and more effective!

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